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I hate subscriptions!

This is a common objection, but before you completely write us off and flame us on Twitter, please consider what we're offering.

To automatically sync your music on any device you own, Momentum relies on a cloud service. All cloud services have fixed storage and bandwidth costs, which is why they all tend to use subscription pricing.

We understand that you still don't like it, and we hear you, and so we want to make our pricing as fair and friendly as friendly as we can. So, here's how this works:

  • If you pay monthly, you are not locked into a long term commitment. Your monthly subscription auto-renews, but you can cancel at any time. And you can also rejoin again at any time.
  • You will always have access to your audio recordings, even if you stop paying. When you stop paying, Momentum will revert back to the limitations of the Free Plan, and will only sync 3 Ideas with the cloud. You will continue to have access to all the audio that is local on your device before you stopped paying. (So, you may want to sync all of your Ideas before you stop paying!)

Here's an example:

You sign up for the $2.99/month Basic Plan. During the first month you record 100 ideas, and sync on all of your devices. Then life happens, or you change up your studio, or you weren't totally sold on the product--whatever the reason, you can just stop paying. You still have all the audio you created, and you've certainly gotten your money's worth at $2.99.

Then, time goes by and you start to miss Momentum, and Momentum misses you too, and so you want to sign up again. No problem, we'd love to have you back, and as long as you use the same account you created, you can just pick up right where you left off.

Using the Momentum plug-in like a cloud based audio clipboard

By moving audio back and forth between the DAW and the plug-in, you can to quickly transfer audio from any DAW or mobile device to another device or DAW. Changes made to an idea in the plug-in will be synced with the Momentum Cloud when you switch back to IdeaSpace.

Transferring audio to and from the Momentum plug-in via drag and drop

The simplest way to transfer audio to the plugin is to drag content from the DAW to the Idea view in the plug-in.  Most DAWs that support external drag and drop will allow you to directly drag and drop audio clips to/from the plug-in. Momentum Free, Basic and Pro all support the drag and drop of ideas from the plug-in to your DAW. Drag and drop audio from your DAW into Momentum is supported only in Momentum Pro.

Please watch the brief video below to see how to transfer audio data via drag and drop.

Recording audio in the Momentum plug-in

There are several reasons why you would record audio into the Momentum plug-in rather than use drag-drop:

  • If your DAW doesn't support external drag and drop
  • If you have clip or track effects on the audio and you want to capture the audio post-processed
  • If you want to capture a group or stem of multiple audio tracks

This works similarly to recording from an audio device in the Momentum app, except that you must start playback in the DAW after pressing the record button in the plug-in:

  • Insert the Momentum plug-in on a track or a bus and open the Idea you want to record into. You can also place the Momentum plug-in anywhere in the signal flow path where you want to capture audio.
  • In the Momentum plug-in, select the track in which you would like to record
  • Click the Record button in the Momentum plug-in to start recording. You will then see a prompt to press Play in the DAW.
  • Start playback in the DAW to begin recording the audio from the DAW.

Syncing the Momentum plug-in and DAW timeline

You can choose to sync the Momentum transport to the DAW's transport position. This can be useful if you want to sync the idea timeline in the plugin to the DAW'a timeline. To sync the timeline, turn on Timeline Sync mode in the plugin settings. When enabled, changing the position on the DAW's timeline will automatically change the timeline position in the plugin.

Troubleshooting playback problems in Momentum Plug-in

In order for transport playback and recording to work in the plug-in the the DAW must be streaming audio into the plug-in.

While this works automatically in most DAW's in some others you must input monitor the track which is sourcing the plug-in or start playback in the DAW for this to work. If the plug-in is not receiving audio and you press play in the plug-in transport you will see a message telling you to start playback in the host.

Optimizing Audio Performance on mobile devices

Android devices can have a lot of variation depending on the model and manufacturer as well as the version of Android. IOS devices are fairly consistent and you will get stable audio playback on most devices.

For Android, you will see the best performance on devices which are rated as "Professional Audio" devices and which are running Android 7 or higher. Pro audio devices must have latency no higher than 20 milliseconds and some devices like the Pixel advertise down to 10 milliseconds.

Additional information about android latency specifications.

Troubleshooting Latency or audio sync issues

Momentum defaults to the manufacturer default buffer size and sample rate for mobile devices. On some older devices you may notice audio sync problems or glitching. If so try setting the default sample rate to 44.1 KHz in the Momentum audio advanced settings. You may also try changing the default buffer size. You can also try lowering the display frame rate by checking the "Low Framerate" box in preferences.

To get the best sync while recording multiple tracks you should allow Momentum to Measure Latency. This option can be found in Preferences >> Audio. To measure the round trip latency you should run the test in a quiet place, turn up the volume on the speakers and device and ensure that you don't have headphones plugged in. Momentum will send a brief burst of noise to measure the round trip latency. The data will be used to synchronize recorded tracks.

Trimming doesn't remove time, just audio.

Trimming the start of a track in Momentum removes the audio, however the time will remain. 

Headphones, input monitoring and feedback

For best results, use headphones when recording with Momentum. This will prevent your devices microphone picking up momentum's output.

Optionally you can disable the "Listen to Input' when you do not have headphones connected. On iOS and Android Momentum will try detect if headphones are connected directly to the device or not when this setting is adjusted and will warn you accordingly.

I already have a Cakewalk account, do I need to create a new one for Momentum?

Nope. You can (and we suggest that you do) use the Cakewalk account you already have.

I can't change the Tempo, Beats per Measure or Note Values of my metronome. What gives?

The Tempo, Beats per Measure and Note Values are adjustable in all projects until a track is recorded. Once a track is recorded, those values are frozen to protect the integrity of the Idea. If you wish to preview your Tempo, add a count-in to your Idea in the Metronome settings. Note that you can continue to change and experiment with these until the record transport rolls.

How do I repair an incomplete idea?

This can happen when your device loses connectivity when uploading files. To fix this simply open your idea on the device that created it to resync.